From the Caregiver's HAErt – a Column by Danita LaShelle Jones

Finding the Perfect Substitute for Things We Love 

My counter looked as if I were starring in a cooking show on the Food Network. I’d separated my ingredients into bowls, the oil was slowly heating to a perfect temperature, and my homemade sauce was simmering. Because food prep and cooking are my favorite activities to relax, I was…

Even Those Things We Love Can Become an Instant Problem

I finally did it. After putting it off for several years, I finally decided to have my abdominal hernias repaired. I did everything to prepare for the surgery. I talked with the doctors about the procedure, watched YouTube videos, and talked extensively with my sister, a physician, about my recovery.

The Importance of Finding Space for Your Passions

“He feels betrayed,” I said to my student as she sat in her chair. “So there are different emotions your character has to have once she realizes he’s poisoned her.” My actress nodded in agreement and repositioned herself to start the scene over. It was Shakespeare Tuesday in the theater…