Takeda Canada Seeks AI, Digital Solutions With Innovation Challenge

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With a goal of finding new digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for patients with rare genetic disorders like hereditary angioedema (HAE), and for inflammatory bowel diseases, Takeda Canada has introduced an innovation challenge.

Specifically, Takeda Canada is seeking new and breakthrough solutions in early diagnosis, as well as in integrated and personalized care.

The deadline for the Takeda Canada Innovation Challenge, which is open to Canada-based organizations, is Feb. 6. Go here to submit an application.

Challenge finalists, who will be announced on Feb. 18, will get the opportunity to present their proposed digital health solutions virtually on March 4. Challenge winner(s) may be invited to collaborate with Takeda Canada on their innovation, and given the opportunity to benefit from the company’s therapeutic expertise and global network of partners and suppliers.

Winner(s) of the challenge also will receive funding from the pharmaceutical company to produce — in collaboration with a Takeda team — a proof-of-concept exercise to determine whether the solution candidate can be turned into reality.

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Up to $200,000 CAD (about $160,000) in funding is available, depending on factors such as project cost and the number of winners declared. Such funding also is contingent upon the successful completion of the company’s third-party risk management process — which identifies, assesses, and controls for any risks that can develop over the relationship’s lifecycle — and upon signing a funding agreement with Takeda Canada.

“We are incredibly excited about the launch of this initiative that directly supports two of our commitments at Takeda Canada, improving patient care and investing in homegrown innovation and talent,” Rute Fernandes, general manager at Takeda Canada, said in a press release.

“Canada is an innovation hub of excellence and has exceptional talent and expertise, recognized globally. We know we can accomplish more by partnering with experts. Our objective with this campaign is to open doors for new innovation with entrepreneurial minds who may not have the resources to move their ideation into practice,” Fernandes added.

Early diagnosis solutions could include building disease awareness, developing digital tools to support scientific investigations, or facilitating expert consultation for clinical management, personalized risk prediction, or early disease detection through clinical data. Takeda is particularly interested in technologies that support early diagnosis using AI, digital biomarkers, awareness building, and virtual peer-to-peer consults.

In terms of integrated and personalized care, Takeda is focused on solutions that enhance and customize patient care and disease management through facilitated care planning or coaching, risk prediction, treatment decision support, or assessing a therapy’s real-world impact.

Takeda is particularly interested in integrated and personalized care through technologies such as AI, telehealth, remote monitoring, virtual device training, and sensing and wearable devices. Go here for the initiative’s full terms and conditions.

“Healthcare innovation is a critical component to enhancing and improving patient outcomes across our incredible health system,” said Jefferson Tea, PhD, vice president of medical and scientific affairs at Takeda Canada. “This initiative allows us to literally look outside the box and identify new ideas and make the next big innovation in patient care a near-future reality.”